This report sets out the engineering works and land ownership agreements required to complete a traffic-free walking/cycling route between Queensbury and Cullingworth, following as closely as possible and practicable the line of the former Great Northern Railway and incorporating horseriding links to the local bridleway and by-way network.

In addition the report shows how this route might be integrated into the National Cycle Network and the additional benefits that would accrue.

The report outlines the estimated costs of the scheme, possible sources of funding, plus a proposed action programme.

It has been commissioned by The Great Northern Railway Trail Forum whose membership includes individuals and representatives of:
Sustrans, British Horse Society, Bradford Cycling Action Group, City of Bradford MD Council, Bradford Urban Wildlife Group, Rail Property Ltd, Ramblers Association, Countryside Agency, Standing Conference of South Pennine Authorities.

Landowners have been contacted by Sustrans and informed of this study. There has been no public consultation by Sustrans, however, as it was felt more appropriate to establish the general feasibility of the project in the first instance. It is hoped that this document will now help to inform the general public and elected members. With the support of local communities we believe this project can be achieved.



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Key facts

Length of cycleway route 10km approx
Existing safe cycleway route 0km
Townships along the route 4
Schools on the route 3
Length of reused trackbed 5.5km
New housing developments along the route 3
Employment sites on the route 5
Number of bridges/viaducts reused 10
Number of tunnels reused 1


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