The path



Typical construction including horse track (figure 8.1 from NCN Guidelines and Practical Details).


The tunnel



A typical twin track railway tunnel sectional detail and, on MAP 6 in THE PROPOSALS, photos of Ashbourne Tunnel (twin track) and Great Oxenden Tunnel (single track). Great Oxenden Tunnel is 418m long and is one of two long tunnels on the Brampton Valley railway path, Northants, the other being Kellmarsh Tunnel. At Ashbourne in Derbyshire, reopened in 2000, trains can be heard passing through the tunnel as part of an acoustic artwork project.


Well Heads Tunnel is 662m long but a broad tunnel like Ashbourne. Our proposals include low level lighting, infilled refuges and alternative road/footpath options.

The north portal has collapsed and a new portal frame to the exposed tunnel arch is required. Full costs are not known but our estimate assumes the current owner (Rail Property Ltd) will contribute from its own maintenance liability budgets.




For a cycle route to be successful, it must be easy to follow. Clear, continuous and unambiguous signing is essential. Signing on the highway and from the highway onto off-road sections is covered by DETR Regulations. For National routes, a red patch incorporating the route number in white is included in the blue cycleway sign. For Regional routes, a blue patch incorporating the route number (71 in this case) is included within the blue body of the sign.


90mm diameter markers suitable for fixing to posts and bollards



Access barriers



Detail of typical anti motor cycle access barrier (if required)


Agricultural crossings


Public art



Sustrans is committed to public art on the National Cycle Network. Ideally an arts co-ordinator should be appointed at the outset of the project. Sculpture offers a genuine opportunity for public participation and support. Some of the most successful Sustrans commissions have involved schools and community groups.
Example of artists designed railway sleeper bench and cyclepark, by Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley, to be found on railway paths in the United Kingdom

Exmoor Benches ©Caroline Shipsey Big Bike by Dave Holiday ©Sustrans





The Good Cycling Code



Good conduct on the National Cycle Network is reinforced through promotion of the Good Cycling Code

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